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Apr 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
in europe and north america. the vitamin b foods include leafy green vegetables and nuts. >>> more pain and limited movement for african-americans and hispanics than whites. they are more likely to have limited physical activity at work because of arthritis. for more living well headlines go to and click on the living well tab on the front page. >>> failing to mail in your census form on time will cost you more money. >>> and president obama unveils a new plan aimed at making sure america remains out front in the space race. it is 4:53. wÑñññ my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. to help avoid dental problems, act daily. >>> montgomery county police say a woman is wanted in a case of identity theft that goes back to 2009. she is from try angle virginia. police say she obtained the social security number of an oklahoma woman and then went to three car dealerships and purchased luxury vehicles, an audi, mercedes and range rover. police say she opened credi
Apr 12, 2010 4:30am EDT
his third run across america. that is right, america. >> 20 to 45-miles a day. >> to raise money. he calls it hope or die. >> after you get bit by the bug of giving back. >> reporter: his fist two runs raised more than $120,000 for families who suffered lawyers during hurricane katrina. is i wanted to inspire the victims. >> reporter: he doesn't run alone. >> getting his maps ready. talking to the police who pull us over. usually we get pulled over five times a day for running on the interstate. >> reporter: which is illegal in some states. >> today this date is the lincoln memorial. >> president barack obama message of hope. >> reporter: with just 14-miles to go, prince gets a surprise. andria who heading up a runner's group in california, flew in to run the last leg. >> my team and i tracked him for the past six months. >> reporter: his feet has carried him along many roads. >> it is very lonely running across the country. >> reporter: now that he has made it to the nation's capital. >> i want to eat and sleep. >> reporter: dave owens, 9 news now. >> this next run will be overseas.
Apr 21, 2010 4:30am EDT
? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> welcome back. it is 4:80 and 54 degrees outside. we are flying 50 westbound through bowie to the beltway. no problems this morning. more traffic and weather coming up. >>> it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. good morning. >> good morning. we saw asian socks shooting higher today as robust earnings in the u.s. offered more evidence of recovery in the world's biggest economy and today earnings will continue to stream in on wall street. at&t, ebay and mcdonald's among t
Apr 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
that means they can be reversed. >> reporter: some a person on any street in america and chances are you will find a chronic health problem. >> little high on the cholesterol. >> have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> hopefully i can get off this medication. >> reporter: and they have plenty of company. the centers if for disease control has startling data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half of the entire adult population have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: the cause, signs point to america's growing waistline. we are eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show one- third of americans are obese. >> you eat a lot of fast food and you are always on the run and don't make good food choices you could end up in that situation. >> reporter: the study reveals one in seven adults don't know they are dealing with
Apr 29, 2010 4:30am EDT
movements since the late 1920s. >> she planted the seeds of a movement that changed america. >> reporter: though she was born in virginia and planted her activists route roots in harlem, they claimed her as her own. >> she is national treasure to those of us in washington, d.c. we think of her as a washingtonian. >> reporter: and dorothy height did fight many of her battles here. >> dorothy could not live with us, immersing herself in the life of us, and dc voting rights became one of her great causes, too. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton reminded worshipers that height's life was not defined by one struggle of equality. >> she understood as one of the few leaders of her time or any time. >> reporter: it was a night of serious tribute but no celebration of do dorothy height could neglect her love of those trademark hats. >> she was a supportive for the women's movement and for integration before the primary goal of the civil rights movement and now she doesn't want nuns to be the only people with something on their heads. >> there were charming and personal memories last
Apr 15, 2010 4:30am EDT
dc general hospital. specialty hospitals of america is out as owner of the facility. just three years after taking over. the hospital, which is now known as united medical center was once the busiest hospital in the southeast communities. the city assumed control after they defaulted on the loan and grant agreement that kept the former dc general in business. peter nichols says the hospital is essential to the city and the city will not let it fail. >>> last night angry teachers rallied outside of the office of michelle rhee. they accuse rhee and mayor fenty of using pumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of 250 teachers. we now know the school system has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs back. >> we want to make sure the teachers are restored with full benefits and rights, and we want to make sure they receive damages. >> i'd like to be reinstated and all of my colleagues to be reinstated and compensated for the time i have been out and the fact that she needs to give an official apology for the insult and slander that was dis
Apr 19, 2010 4:30am EDT
to promote the history channel's upcoming special, america, the story of us. it premiers on sunday and covers 400 years of american history. >>> it's time for the living well headlines. and we have another reason to make sure you take your vitamins. a study suggests that women who take multivitamin and calcium supplements may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. it is not clear which vitamins help. researchers say it is the interaction of different ones together that have the beneficial effect. >>> many children are picky eaters but research suggests it is more common in children with autism. they are more likely to restrict their diets to a smaller variety of foods than other children. despite the findings researchers are quick to note that picky eating is not a symptom of autism. >>> more people eat diet versions of food the less they make may like what they are tasting. a report found after five days people who ate a low calorie spaghetti meal were less likely to like it as the week went on. people's taste for diet brands may decline as they become more familiar with them. >>> sp
Apr 20, 2010 4:30am EDT
back america with the point of a gun and the people that voted i guess don't count. if you don't like it, change it but you don't have to change it with guns. >> reporter: they say the date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1775 battles at lexington and concord which began the revolutionary war. >>> american troops were honored yesterday. 97 soldiers who died in the vietnam war were remembered at the memorial. 700 family members and friends were on hand for the ceremony and helped to read off the names of the fallen service members. >>> maryland lawmakers unveiled a plan to restore the anacostia river. officials says restore ration of the waterway which runs through some of washington's most distressed neighborhoods will provide economic, social and environmental benefits. the army corps of engineers and officials have been working on the plan to restore the river for two years. >>> virginia is celebrating earth week. the governor announced plans to move forward with efforts to conserve 400,000-acres of open space. the goal is to help protect the chesapeake bay and estab
Apr 22, 2010 4:30am EDT
that giant feed lots are the only way that america can raise inexpensive food. >> we're not looking at the virallal costs. >> reporter: not everyone is happy about her work. >> we have dead animals left on our front porch. we have skunks, pos , raccoon left in the mailbox. >> reporter: for her activism henning won the $150,000 goldman environmental prize but she says she would have kept fighting any way. >> this is life or death situation. we have to have clean water, clean air and land to raise our food and supply. >> reporter: in washington, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >>> good morning. welcome to 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie goff will be along in a moment with traffic. right now howard bernstein is here with a quick look at the forecast. he has the look because the rest of us can't see through the fog. >> it is really, really bad in many areas this morning. some spots not too bad but many areas are seeing visibilities a quarter mile or less. to the north and west it seems to be worst and the dense fog ad
Apr 30, 2010 4:30am EDT
at her funeral saying height deserves a place of honor in america's memory. >> there are americans whose names we know. there are leaders whose legacies we teach. there are giants who fill our history books. well, dorothy height deserves a place in this pantheon. >> reporter: dr. height died last week at age 98. her legacy lives on through her body of work that includes a new book called "living with purpose. " it will be released in two weeks. >>> in the news now an electrical fire shut down a section of the transit rail system. it happened around 10:00 last night. one rider said he heard two explosions and saw smoke spewing out of the tunnel. 20 people were taken to area hospitals. >>> a second miner has been found dead after a roof collapse at a coal mine in kentucky. it happened at a mine 150 miles west of louisville. earlier searchers found the body of another miner still trapped under rocks which fell on wednesday night. two other miners escaped. >>> lawmakers in hawaii have approved a bill legalizing same sex civil unions. the measure now heads to the governor's desk. it grants ga
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10